Throwin out Biology

Posted November 2, 2009

(Click the photo for a larger view) What I went through today for my Biology class was not worth it. It involved parking spaces being¬†unavailable and running multiple long distances just to make ends meet. All of this resulted in not being able to take my exam, which I spent a long time studying for. I didn’t have much of a choice from that point on. Either withdraw or continue the class with the highest possible grade of a D. I decided to withdraw. My day has been killed and I feel really bad. Because the institution paid for that class, I will be owing them money soon. At the same time, I feel that some weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I can focus more on my other classes. This semester can still end well. I just need to keep pushing. I have speeches for English and Business Speaking tomorrow. I’m confident I’ll do fine in both of them. Speeches come very naturally to me. This photo simply represents that I don’t care and that I can still move on to better things. Comment and appreciate, thank you.


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