That was Spring Break?

Posted March 21, 2011

So this past week, I spent my Spring Break in Killeen. It went by so fast and it didn’t really feel like a break. Before the break started, the game plan was to focus primarily on work and schoolwork. Unfortunately, everything didn’t seem to go as planned. At the same time, a few upsets were thrown into the mix. Let’s sum it all up.

The Good

Being able to see old Killeen buddies throughout the week was probably the best thing about my break. I’m glad that I was able to catch up with people like Raymond and Matt, who stay in San Antonio and Houston respectively. Not only them, but also Jasmin, Green, Ana, Dustin, Thomas, Devo, Krystle, co-workers, and the Killeen Town Brawlers crew. It was great to see all of them again. Since my life seems to revolve around friends at College Station these days, seeing all of them was like taking a small peek into a time capsule. It’s also great to be around my mother as well as my sister Eunice. I’m not a confident Korean speaker, but I tend to speak more Korean when I’m around my mother these days. She constantly spends her time studying English pronunciation, I should at least do the same for her native language. Throughout the past few summers, I’ve tried to commit time to become fluent in Korean and failed every single time. I want to try and make it work this summer. Being close to mom makes me want to try to become more fluent in Korean by Fall 2011.

I also worked close to 40 hours at Geek Squad during the break. The workload was really insane and it looked like they could really use the help. I’m just glad that I was there to do so. Managers constantly kept thanking me for helping the store, but should they really be? I’m a full-time college student who is able to focus all of my time on studies without having to work. At any period of time, I am able to return home and work as if I had never left. And it’s not even a bad job either. I repair computers and make a decent wage. How many students even have that kind of power and flexibility? Not many. The managers shouldn’t be thanking me, I should be thanking them. My employment with the Killeen Best Buy alone is enough to be thankful for. It really helped make a difference while living in College Station, and I don’t even need to work for their location either.

The Bad

Now the bad news. Let’s just try to make this quick. It started to go downhill on Monday. My Physics homework was due at noon and I was unable to finish it, resulting in a score of 42%. (The instructor, without notification, extended the deadline at a later time and I was able to finish it at 94%) It was a real bummer to start off my day like that, but I refused to let it get me down. One of the best places to eat in downtown Killeen is the C&H Hawaiian Grill. I can never leave Killeen without eating here at least once. I treated myself lunch and decided to visit HEB to buy a super belated birthday present for my friend Devo. I’m really not one to forget about his birthday, and I felt bad about it. The man loves sunflower seeds, I see him eating them all of the time. Since they’re very cost effective, I wanted to buy all of the seeds in the store. I don’t ever go to the downtown HEB, but since it was near the Hawaiian Grill, I went for convenience. Biggest mistake of the entire break. I put down my phone for a very minuscule period of time only to have it stolen by a family of something that I’d rather not say because they’re really that pathetic. They were stupid enough the believe that I could not track them down and even stupider to even try and lie in front of my face without looking looking obvious. Because of their lack of intelligence, it took them a few hours to realize that there was no way that they could use my phone. News flash! Verizon phones don’t use SIM cards! Plus, it’s locked! They got in contact with me and pretty much wanted ransom money for it. I couldn’t provide police with enough evidence to get them involved, so I agreed to pay to get my phone back. It upset me that I had to pay, but it’s a small price to pay in the long run. I’m thankful that I was even able to track it first place though, otherwise the phone would have been gone for good.

Another bad part of the break was not being able to reach my schoolwork goals. There was the upset with the Physics homework, but it wasn’t just that either. I had some programming assignments that I wanted to get done, but I wasn’t able to even begin on it. I blame hanging out with friends, work, maintaining ruizwashere, and lack of energy as the culprits. It’s still all my responsibility though. It was just way too hard to balance time and it felt so limited, which is why Spring Break hardly felt like a break. Before I knew it, the break was over just like that and I’m back in College Station.

Other thoughts

Yes, there were ups and downs, but it was overall good. Because of the break, I was able to do a lot of updating to the website. From your point of view, you may not notice it but a lot has to be done in order for it to look and operate the way it does! I updated and reorganized content and made it a bit more friendly for search engines. If you type my first and last name in Yahoo or Bing, the first result is my website. But if you type it in Google, you get all kinds of stupid results. It’s absurd that this site has hundreds of pages of web content with my name slapped all over it, but Google wants to focus more on a tweet I made months ago! A 140-character segment is clearly more important that this entire website. Plus, ever since I deleted my Facebook account, some chick took my old username and guess what? Her Facebook is the first search result of my name. Search engine FAIL. It will take months for this to be fixed, but the reorganization of the site should help with that and make the transition easier.

Also, I don’t want to play fighting games anymore. I’m serious. Cold shoulder. Just like that. Am I salty just because I don’t have an Xbox to play Marvel vs. Capcom 3? No. It’s not that I don’t like the game either, but damnit I just don’t have hours to waste learning how to play that game. Street Fighter IV was bad enough and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let this game do the same. But how serious am I about it though? Well, I took my arcade stick home and left it there. I don’t want it here in College Station. I have a potential buyer, but the deal just doesn’t seem to be working out at the moment. Hopefully it does soon though, because the sooner I get rid of that arcade stick, the better.

That’s my Spring Break 2011. Not the most exciting ever, considering that everybody I knew was at South by Southwest for the break, but it’s okay. :)


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