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Posted September 22, 2009

I think it’s about high time for a simple, down to earth update that’s genuinely all about me. If you came for pictures, I’m sorry but I’m going to have to leave you empty-handed this time around. It’s been raining quite a bit lately so I haven’t had the opportunity to take photos. BUT, I have a sketchpad and I’ve been sketching down visions of drawings of photos that I want to take, what type of person should be in them, and everything that is required to make it possible. Plus, I’ve been in the talks with a few people who want to be in them. So please, stay put. You’ll be able to see a lot of my visions soon. :)

Anyways, about ME. A lot has happened within the past few weeks, but I’m just too unmotivated to remember every last thing that has happened. So I’ll go ahead and summarize all of my happenings into three subjects: school, work, and everything else.

School: School has been fair to me, to say the very least. I’ve realized for the past few weeks that I’m behind in all of my classes. Though there’s plenty of time to do things, I keep waiting until the last minute to do it. I told myself that I would avoid this habit before the semester and I still continue to tell myself that. Nonetheless, I’ve picked up a bit. I’ve been following reading assignments closely and things are starting to look up. I recieved a PERFECT score on my speech (a self-introductory speech) last week and I have two Biology tests this week, one which has already passed. I know I didn’t do so well on it, probably got a B or C. The other one is tomorrow and feel that I’m just not prepared for it. Other than that, I have a few novels I have to read within the next few weeks. So that means less computer time.

Work: Work is awesome, it’s really amazing and I’m lying. Work is gay. People keep coming and going as usual, and I don’t mean customers either. On top of it all, work can be very fatiguing. I hate the feeling of coming home from work to try to study just to fall asleep on the desk within minutes. Oh, and I could’ve sworn that morning meetings were supposed to be in the morning, and not the evening. If the morning meeting was never broken, DON’T try to fix it.Whatever, even though I’m complaining like a child, it’s still nothing I can’t handle. Just get in, complete the job, and get out.

Everything else: To type everything else that has been going on with me in the form of a paragraph would take up too much time. So here’s a list of stuff that’s been goin on with me.

  • Went to the Blanton Museum of Art in Austin last week with a good friend I met not too long ago. We had a blast. Tried to take photos but I left the memory card at home. :\
  • Patiently waiting for my financial aid check. Expecting a buttload of money. I don’t even care about my work paycheck, I just want that financial aid check. :)
  • Remember how I made a post a few weeks back on how I would no longer be playing Street Fighter IV? Well, I lied. I’ve been playing and I renewed my Xbox Live subscription today. But it’s not what you think! I play it on a very casual basis now. I wake up early every morning just to play for about 30 minutes. It’s a good way to wake me up and just get my brain going.
  • I ordered new glasses yesterday. My eyes have been killing me because of these contacts. They’ve been giving me nothing but constant redness around the edges of my eyes, making me look like I’ve been stoned or something. I will be wearing my glasses more than I wear my contacts now just for convenience sake. These glasses are very slim and casual-looking, I like the way I look in them. :)
  • This is random but driving back from school everyday, I’ve slowly seen a large, dead dog corpse completely decompose into the highway. It’s disgusting. On top of that, there’s now another new one on the way to school as of yesterday. Where the hell is Animal Control?? Now I get to see corpses decompose to and from school. Seriously, they’re effing up.
  • I’ve made a bunch of tweaks to the site. It’s now easier for users to login, comment, and upload their photos. Browsing the archives is been a bit more refined and easier on the eyes. The comment system has been improved significantly so check it out. There’s still a few more refinements I need to make and I will be working on them soon. So please keep checking back and if you haven’t already, register. Thank you to all of those who have already registered, there’s about 50+ registered users now. :)
  • Been addicted to Epik High’s new album, [e]. Best album from Epik High to date. Have you seen the music video for it? It’s pretty hilarious stuff. There’s just so much irony and random stuff in it, it’s awesome! Play it over a few times, you’ll pick up a lot of random stuff.

That’s really about it. Even though there’s a lot more, that’s all that I can think of from the top of my head for now. If anything else comes up, I’ll let you know.

Thank you for reading! :)



  • go0d bLog :] cant wait to see tha picturez!

    • Hell yeah! I’ll have those pictures up sometime tomorrow in a new blog post.

      I just spent the past two hours tweaking the site a bit more. I’m striving for design perfection (without proper validation) and I think I’m almost there.

      Time for bed… I have class in 6 hours. Contacts are killing me AGAIN. D:<

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