How long has it been?

Posted August 23, 2009

4 months. It’s taken 4 months for me to get off my lazy high horse to write a post. But why? Have I been busy? No. Am I disappointed with myself? YES. What compelled me over the summer to not want to update my site, let alone visit it? It must be my own laziness, my own lack of motivation. Not too many people visit often, and I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody did at all. People come back to a website to view fresh, new content. This website has nothing because I do nothing. So from now on, I’ve come up with a proposal, a simple goal. At least one post a week. I pay money to keep this site up, which is all good and well, but if I’m not making an effort to use the site, then I’m just wasting my money. Expect the site to have a makeover soon too. It’s not going to be a complete redesign (don’t have time for that crap), but a template swap. A good one for that matter. :)

SUMMER WAS AMAZING!! Just kidding, it was good though. I didn’t travel much, except to Austin a few times. Having to work was the main reason why. Work is such a pain, but as long as I’m rockin’ a paycheck, I shouldn’t care. But best of all, nothing beated hanging out with friends. All those summer nights spent hanging out, eating food, and playing Street Fighter IV all night until the sun came out… they never went to waste.

This semester I will be a full-time student and employee. I am studying for 13 semester credit hours and will be working 32+ hours a week. It will be busy, it will be hectic, and the only that I hope is that I don’t falter. I’m very serious this semester. My goal is to raise my GPA from 3.1 to 3.4 and even further next semester. What I get for being an idiot for the past two semesters. So with that said, I can’t do any more half-assing. The Xbox, it has to go. (Well, I’m not getting rid of it, cause you know, I might need it for something.)

And that’s it for now. With that said, I need to get ready for work.


  • Yay another post =]
    Yupp, those street fighter nights were awesome, thank you for hosting =]

  • Yessir! Until next summer. (Or the end of the semester)

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