This is now a development blog

Posted September 2, 2016

I haven’t written anything since college. It’s not that I’ve been busy, it’s just that life is a lot different now and it’s much easier to write a quick rant over Twitter or share a quick picture over Snapchat. Compared when I first started my website in 2008, it leaves very little incentive to write blog posts. Not only that, but they take forever to write and proofread. By the time I finish writing this, I’ll probably have read over it 20 times.

Before I became a developer, my website was basically a photo gallery and blog. Blog posts were very casual and about really not-important stuff. Over time, I turned it into a tool to help attract employers while I was in college. And that’s about it. After college, I just left it alone. I had a full-time job now, there was no use for it. Maybe I could blog about development? Sure, but the only development I did was on company time. Anything outside of that would be focused on trying to get the most of life. And that’s when things started to bite me in the ass.

I started to stagnate as a developer.

When I started my job as a full-time iOS developer, I learned a lot. But there came a point within those two years that the learning just ceased and I didn’t realize it. A coworker of mine is an avid iOS developer that loves to learn about new things during his spare time. I was the opposite. Learn only what I need to know at the time that I need to know it, and that’s it. Now I regret not having that drive because I feel like I lost two years worth of learning opportunities. It was my own fault and I’ve spent the past few months making up for it.

If I’m to improve as a developer, then it can’t just be on company time anymore. From now on, I’m committed to becoming a better developer without the assistance of the company that I work for. I’ll commit more time to experiment, learn, and retain my skills. I’ll use this blog to keep track of it all as well.

I’ve worked on a few things recently, which I’ll write about them later. This is now a development blog.



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