The Big Event 2011

Posted March 26, 2011

The Big Event is today. It’s the largest student-run, one-day service project in the entire nation where Texas A&M students go out and help out the surrounding community of Bryan and College Station. Students will perform a wide variety of tasks, such as painting, cleaning, etc. The event is supposed to “promote campus and community unity as students come together to express their gratitude for the support form the surrounding community.” It’s basically our way of saying thanks. Kind of weird, considering that the community hasn’t really given me anything. But that’s not the reason why I will be participating in The Big Event for the first time this year. I’m simply doing it because I want to… and maybe because feel that I haven’t done enough community work in my lifetime. I will supposedly be cleaning windows, raking leaves, weeding flower beds, and spreading mulch. Bummer, I kind of wanted to paint or do something that won’t get ruined one week later. Ah well, easy community work is easy. It’ll be a good day.

After all of the nitty-gritty is done with, there will be a “thank you” concert with Lee DeWyze, winner of American Idol Season 9, and it’s freeee. I’m unsure if I want to attend, or just work on schoolwork for the rest of the night. Ah, choices choices…


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