Summer Goals

Posted August 25, 2008


After my high school graduation, I purchased this Japanese silk journal. In it, I wrote all of my daily activities and notes from my summer classes. On the last page, I wrote a list of goals that I wanted to complete by the end of the summer. Well, today is officially the last day of summer. Which goals did I complete? Which ones did I fail? Let’s take a look…

“Commit to this journal for the sake of proper organization and recordkeeping.”

Verdict: FAIL

I’m not gonna lie. I tried. I REALLY tried. But by mid-July, I just stopped. My summer classes were almost over and I didn’t see a need to keep track of anything anymore. It’s been on my desk for the past entire month and I haven’t opened it until today. Well, scratch one goal…

“Do your best when it comes to your classes. Focus primarily on them and get ahead as much as possible. You want to go to Aggieland by next year, right? GET TO IT.”

Verdict: PASS

And “got to it” I did… Since I graduated senior year with all flawless A’s, I had to make it my goal in these classes to pass with A’s too. I spent countless nights this summer slaving away on homework, assignments, exams and essays. There were times when I seriously thought I was going to fail these classes. I tried my hardest, gave it my all, and earned these grades. I know they’re not A’s, but I’m hella PROUD of these B’s! I just wish that they were A’s. I need to look my best going into Aggieland.

“Don’t quit on your website. ruizwashere is growing slowly. Finish it. Use all skills and knowledge obtainable and make it the best-looking site that you can make it.”

Verdict: PASS

After countless hours of scripting, and this, and that, and all that CRAP. I finished it. IT WAS SO HARD!! But I did it! Even though it’s finished, I feel that I could’ve made it look much better. But re-designing the website is something that I should probably do another day… which I did two days later. ;)

“Learn Korean. You’ve been reading and writing it for years, but you can’t even understand it all yet. You have all the tools necessary to learn it all in a short ammount of time. Commit.”

Verdict: FAIL

No. I wanted to learn it, believe me, I really did. I’ve wanted to do this for years, but I just didn’t have the time. You know, I was busy with classes, and work, and this… and that… I couldn’t do it. But will I learn it soon? You bet your ass I will. It sucks having your mom talk a bunch of crap about you and you don’t even know what she’s saying!

“Exercise more. You work out… occasionally. Make a schedule and follow it. Either wake up every morning or go every night.”

Verdict: FAIL

Man… If it was any goal I procrastinated on, it was THIS ONE. Every day I would just tell myself, “I’ll just go tommorow.” But I NEVER WENT! And I hated every time Thomas noticed, he kept angry-facing me! ]: It :[ was ]: so :[ annoying!!! ]: But recently, I started again and everybody’s been noticing. Still, I’m so disapointed in myself. I could’ve looked all super-buff, like a douchebag or something.

“Work and save up. Work isn’t THAT important but keep on it. You really need to save up for fall semester.”

Verdict: PASS

I worked, nuff’ said. I mean, look at the picture, I’m working. (Damn, and my hair looks horrible.) But in all seriousness, we spent countless hours packing up and moving to our new store. What was gay is that I was working at the old store till the very last day while everyone else was having fun at the new one. I couldn’t complain though. There was so much energy drinks, Vitamin Waters, candy, and snacks left over there and we could eat it all, for free!! But now we’re all working at the new store and we actually have to pay for our food. Even though it looks nice and fancy, it’s still the sameol’ Circuit City you all have come to know and hate, lol.

“Renovate the room. Think about painting it. The walls look slightly rusty.”



Verdict: PASS

My room is officially AWESOME. Not only did I paint it, but I added so much stuff. My computer, my TV, my home-theater, it’s all awesome. Even though I painted the wall, I wanted to add much more. So on my wall is a complete tribute to my high school life. It features my graduation, prom, birthdays, valentines, etc. I take a LOT of effing pride in keeping my room nice and neat and it pays off. Now if only I could save up to replace my dingy twin-sized bed (I had since third grade) with a futon. That’d be mega-AWESOME.

“Don’t be too clingy to people anymore. Be more independent. You have a lot of stuff to do that nobody else can help you with.”

Verdict: FAIL

It’s not that I was clingy to anybody, cause I wasn’t. Because I wrote these goals around the time of my breakup at the end of my senior year, I felt that I shouldn’t be around people or rely on them. Either that or it was because I was so forking emo at the time, ugh. But ANYWAYS, this goal is kind of pointless. There’s no reason for me to trap myself in solitude, it wouldn’t do me any good. It was summer, being alone was the LAST thing I did. I said to myself, “Go on Ruiz, go hang out, go party, have some fun.” And you bet your ass I did. But summer is over. My friends are officially gone and it’s gonna be a HELLA long time before I see any of them again. Sigh.

So that’s it. My little list of summer goals. And the final score is…
Goals completed: 4
Goals failed: 4

Man… I thought I would do much better, but whatever. There’s always next year. With that said, my summer of 2008 is OFFICIALLY OVER!! I hope you all enjoyed yours! Good luck out there to everybody starting school and good night. -O-


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