Spring 2013 End

Posted May 21, 2013

This past semester was pretty stressful, but I’m happy with the way things ended. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to write much during this time, but thank goodness for Twitter.

With the semester over, I took a two week break. Just lounged around, played video games, and doing overall nothing. I went on ahead and uploaded a small amount of my projects for the semester. I cherry-picked the ones that looked the best and were the least technical so that any visitor should be able to have a little bit of fun with them. They are:

In addition, I’ve added the source code for SuperBAD, a basic Android demo, to my GitHub for anyone to view.

Summer classes will be starting soon, but in addition to taking classes, I will be working and trying to improve as a coder. I want to start on a new Android app based off of a previous project that I worked on with another team. I’ll be reading a book or two to help with my coding practices as well.

One more year until I graduate. It’s scary to believe.



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