A re-visualization of the modern calendar.

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What is Spiral?

Spiral is an ambitious project created by Ruiz Joo, Stephen Chen, and Stephen Ten Eyck for CSCE 482 (Senior Capstone Design) during the Spring 2014 semester at Texas A&M University. The project serves to be a proof of concept that focuses on giving users a new perspective of calendars by steering them away from the traditional grid-like design and torwards one that strives to be different, yet intuitive. Although Spiral was focused on revisualizing calendar data, it can be repurposed to visualize practically any other time-data correlation. Potential examples include mapping out a project's development timeline or viewing trends in weather patterns.

Created in three months, Spiral has gone on to win competitions and gain praise by many members in industry.

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Things to note:

  • Spiral loves touch! We recommend using a touch screen device to use Spiral, but you can use a keyboard and mouse as well.

  • Spiral is NOT optimized for mobile devices (Android, iOS, etc.). Poor WebGL performance and lack of screen space are the two main culprits. High-end, Intel-based tablets such as the Microsoft Surface Pro 1/2/3 work fine.

  • We highly recommend using Google Chrome. Spiral was not developed with other browsers in mind.

  • Spiral uses your Google Calendar data in order to visualize your events. You can choose to not let Spiral view your data, but you will not be able to see any events displayed as a result.

  • Due to time constraints, all-day events were not implemented. They will not be displayed.

  • Spiral is presented to you as-is. Currently, there are no plans to continue development. Any display issues, bugs, or defects may as well be considered a "feature." ;)

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Firmly place exactly one finger on the screen, then quickly swipe left or right to switch spiral views.


Keyboard command: Left/Right

If you're in the year or month spiral, double tap an event to get a more precise spiral view.


Mouse command: Double click

Firmly place exactly two fingers on the screen, then pinch by moving your fingers towards or away from each other. The camera will move forward or backward down the spiral.


Keyboard command: W/S

Firmly place exactly four fingers on the screen, then rotate by moving your fingers in a clockwise or counter clockwise motion around the center of the screen. You will see your events rotate along the spiral.


Keyboard command: A/D

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Spiral uses your calendar data to visualize events. Why not give it a shot?