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Posted July 21, 2013

This summer has been surprisingly busy. Time has flown and it’s hard to believe that there’s only a month left before my final year in college starts. I attribute it all to being more ambitious and finding things to do. On top of working 30+ hours a week, taking 8 hours worth of classes, and working out regularly (yes, still trying to look like Old Spice guy), I’m primarily focused on keeping my programming skills sharp. It’s the life of a loner, but I can’t complain because I genuinely feel like I’m learning every day. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother me though. *hint*

About two weeks ago, I finished up Iuvo for Android for its initial release here in the States. After a ton of user feedback, I fulfilled requests, added features, and published the app for worldwide use (English only). It was quite a learning experience and one that I was able to accomplish without the assistance of others. I worked on Iuvo for about 5 weeks total and there are about 5 weeks left before Fall semester starts. Instead of coding another app, I want to focus less on Android and redirect my efforts to improving my coding philosophy and learning a new programming language. I’m going to read a book called Code Complete, a book published by Microsoft Press. It’s a textbook that was used for a class this past semester, but we weren’t exactly required to read it. I hate reading books quite frankly, but I’m told that this book is very insightful, so I’ll give it a shot. I’m going to focus the rest of my coding efforts to C#. I have yet to code in C# for a single Computer Science course at TAMU, so I figure that now would be a good time to start. I’m told that it’s like Java. If that’s true, then I should feel right at home. I don’t expect to get too far, but if I’m able to create a Hello World! and then some, then I can’t complain. Time well spent.

5 more weeks… my final year at TAMU will be starting before I know it. No pressure.


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