Project Mov Update

Posted June 19, 2012

The video below explains it all, it’s an update from last time and a walkthrough on parts so that others have some insight as far as what’s needed to build a stick. I’m trying to post as many details as possible, so below you’ll find a video walkthrough, gallery of photos, and a parts list of components and tools that were used throughout the project. I am completely satisfied with the final outcome of the project. I could have just left it as it was, but I’m glad that I decided to rewire the entire thing and wait three months for my PS360+ to come in. As far as building personal sticks go, I’m done. After three years and countless modding, I finally have two sticks that I am very satisfied with. If I ever buy another joystick, it will be a time after I graduate from college. The fighting community still must be strong and if I have enough money from a good-paying job, then I will order a stick from B15SDM Designs. You just can’t beat a stick of that level. One can only dream I guess.

Parts list can be foundĀ here.


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