Project Mov

Posted February 27, 2012

Project Mov is a small project I’ve been working for past couple of weeks. The goal of the project was to upgrade my old MadCatz SFIV SE Arcade Stick (the Viper Pin-Up) and make it look better and more functional. The word “mov” is actually Greek for “purple,” which was the color of my old SE stick. I was going to keep the purple theme and implement it into the new stick, but after much internal debate with myself, I decided to switch to blue.

The stick uses two PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards). The first one is the MadCatz PCB from the SE stick, which allows for compatibility with the Xbox 360. The second one is a Toodles TE Kitty PCB, which not only allows for PS3 compatibility, but also acts as a ‘gateway’ for the MadCatz PCB whenever gameplay on the 360 is needed. Unfortunately, this PCB does not perform auto-detection, meaning that the (Left Stick/D-Pad/Right Stick) switch needs to be set to Right Stick and the ‘Back’ button needs to be held down before plugging into an Xbox 360, otherwise it will detect as a PS3 controller. Both PCBs work fine on PC, but I prefer to use the MadCatz PCB when playing.

Edit: I have been corrected by Toodles, the man himself. The Kitty actually DOES auto-detect. Since I’ve only tested on PC/PS3 so far, I assumed that it just defaulted to the Kitty board, even when connected to an Xbox 360. That’s really good to know and I’m glad that I can reap that kind of benefit. Thanks for looking out, cheers!

There wasn’t really anything sophisticated encountered when building the stick. I received some excellent advice from Toodles when I came by some issues before ordering parts. Everything went according to plan and worked perfectly from the get-go. The only thing I was disappointed about was the choice of wire color. While I really wanted to use white wire, I could only find red 22 AWG copper stranded wire in my local area. For the time being, I’m done with the project and have no plans to switch the wiring out. I will consider switching the wiring out if I can find white wire AND I can get my hands on a PS360+ PCB, which is an all-in-one, PS3/X360/PC compatible, auto-detection board. These boards are still in production and demand for them are atrociously high, so I’m not really in a rush.

I had a time-lapsed video of the entire work log, but due to carelessness with my fingers, I deleted 20+GB videos with a swift [Shift]+[Del], [Enter] keystrokes. Sorry, but hey, at least there’s pictures! Enjoy!

Edit: I inexplicably forgot that my files are always automatically backed up to my server every day. The deleted files are restored and I’ll have the video posted up some other time.

2nd Edit: Video is up and can be found here:

View the Project Mov Time Lapse Video

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