Origami Killer

Posted March 9, 2010

Hello again. As always, I hope that everybody is doing well. The weather has been humid and ugly all day today. Here’s a quick photo that I wanted to share. It’s an origami figure that Eunice created for me. The figure is based off of a dramatic thriller-type video game called Heavy Rain. For the past two nights, Anthony, Matt, Raymond, Thomas, and I have been playing this game nonstop until we beat it. The game is really incredible and kept all of us on the edge of our seats through the entire game. It’s a really fun and suspenseful game that gets everybody indirectly involved. The storyline is truly an incredible experience and will keep you thinking for days to come. If you have the chance to play this game, then you really should, especially with friends!!

So anyways, I finally finished my application for Texas A&M University. It took weeks for me to finish it and I’m glad that I nailed it before the deadline. I also applied to University of Texas San Antonio, kind of as a fall back plan just incase things don’t work thing. It’s crazy that it took weeks for me to apply to A&M, but only minutes to apply for UTSA. I did not apply to University of Texas at Austin because I missed the deadline (or laziness) or Texas State University because it did not offer what I needed. Well nonetheless, I’m glad that I finally have all of my college applications all squared away and I don’t have to worry about them any longer. The only thing left for me to do cross my fingers and pray that I make it, here’s to hoping! :)

Please stay happy and healthy everybody! I’m going crazy. I’ll see you soon..


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