No more games. LITERALLY.

Posted October 12, 2009

Last night, I spent 6 hours studying for an exam that I knew I was more than likely going to fail. Why did I end up in this situation? Because I’m a fool. Only a fool would make unwise decisions while telling himself that it’ll be fine. I’ve been shooting myself in the foot this whole time and I think it’s time to stop. Because of my stupid actions, I’ve lost any and all chances of getting an A in two of my classes. Enough is enough. It’s time I took initiative to take control of my life and my real priorities. Here’s what’s going to happen:

  1. I’m getting rid of Street Fighter 4. If you’ve been keeping up with me, you would know that I have a horrible addiction to SF4. I’ve tried to take initiatives to limit my play time, but it’s never worked out. The only way to rid myself of this addiction is to kill the source. I’m giving all of my games, controllers and related accessories to someone to hold until the end of the semester. What sucks about this is that I will not get to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 when it comes out, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. The only accessory I’m keeping is going to be the remote so that I can listen to music through Windows Media Canter.
  2. I will be suspending my Facebook account within the next 24 hours. I love Facebook just as much as the next person, but when you spend 25% of your internet time on it, it’s clearly time to let go of it. Just like SFIV, I will be temporarily suspending it until the end of the semester. My Twitter will stay open though. All I do on it is occasionally take 2 minutes to update my status on it, so there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ll also keep updating, but it will more than likely be on a weekly or bi-weekly basis now. Still, if you need me, tweet me. Or just text…
  3. I will be forfeiting my full-time position at Best Buy for a part-time position. Being a full-time student and employee sounded like a good idea back then, but it’s now a nightmare. I hate working all day just to come home with no energy to study. I’ve already sent a request to step down and will be reducing my availability. There’s other employees over there that actually need the position and the health benefits more than I do. It’s the least I can do for them and myself.

These are the three main main initiatives I will be taking to better improve myself. It’s about time I stopped making excuses for myself and took responsibility for my actions. I’m really sorry if this is an inconvenience for anybody. Thank you for understanding.

Oh, and if you think that can’t go through with this, then just try me.



  • I really admire & respect you for doing this Ruiz. On top of that you kind of inspired me..because today I realized I had sacrificed one of my A's as well. I'm going to follow your lead. Good luck w/the rest of the semester!

    • Ruiz

      Thanks. Well, I'm glad I could help inspire you. Good luck with your semester too!

  • Thanks. Well, I'm glad I could help inspire you. Good luck with your semester too!

  • Thanks. Well, I'm glad I could help inspire you. Good luck with your semester too!

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