hello ruiz

Project Description

Formerly known as ‘ruizwashere’, ‘hello ruiz’ is the name of my personal website and portfolio. I began development of the website one month before opening it to the public on May 18, 2008, while I was still in high school.

There was no definitive motive  for the project at the time. My design skills are sub-par, and I knew absolutely nothing about development. Despite these setbacks, I was still determined to go through with it. Since it’s founding, I’ve come to find that the project has become a great test of what I am capable of creating on the web.

What started off as blog posts and really bad HTML coding is now a repository of media and content created all by myself. It isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely something that I’m proud of creating on my own.

Previous Designs


  • Powered by WordPress
  • Current theme built from the ground up using Bootstrap.
  • 5+ years of uptime
  • Custom, self-made portolio
  • Blog with Disqus comment system


It’s an understatement for me to say that I’ve faced many challenges with project. Back in 2008, I knew very little about HTML and had no coding experience. I still practice HTML/CSS/PHP/JavaScript coding from time to time (read as: almost never), but my focus is on Computer Science and programming in non-scripting languages.

Upgrading to the WordPress platform was the single best move for the project. It allowed for significantly easier organization and task-handling. Unfortunately, it also introduced me to the initial nightmare known as PHP. At first, I felt that as a language, PHP was too obscure and arbitrary. I just wasn’t comfortable with it. After a good amount of practice, I’ve come to be okay with it. Coding in what some would call ‘weakly typed’ languages isn’t that bad, you just have to get used to it.

One final challenge usually deals with managing and displaying the content in the most efficient manner possible.  A lot of time is spent editing content and layouts so that they look their best. It has taken many sleepless nights to get everything to display and perform the way I want it to. The content always changes from time to time due to life’s changing demands.

Future Changes

The last major change was made in January 2014. Changes will always be coming, but are never planned. Your guess of what to come is just as good as mine.

Hello Ruiz. Theme designed and created by yours truly.

Made with Wordpress, Bootstrap, and lots of love.