Esther, We’ll Miss You!

ester_well_miss_you_portfolioProject Description

‘Esther, We’ll Miss you!’ is a graduation gift for Texas A&M class of 2012 graduate Esther Lee that was made possible with the help of members from Texas A&M Epic Movement. Esther has left a positive influence on many people during her time at Texas A&M, which alone became a key driving factor toward making this project possible. The project consists of a large 18 x 26 photo frame which features digital art created with Autodesk 3ds Max and Adobe photoshop, as well as signatures from members of TAMU Epic Movement.



The original photo was taken from my HTC Droid Incredible, which uses an 8MP camera. Though the photo resolution was great to work with, a lot of noise and artifacts plagued the photo due to the photo being taken in a low-light setting. A few automatic and manual noise-reduction techniques were used in order to fix the artifacting, in addition to some basic color/brightness adjustments in order to establish a color theme. Purple seemed to shine within the darker tones.

At the time of production, it was only my second or third day of using 3DS Max. I still had much to learn and spent a lot of time figuring how to set up the scene, camera angles, and appropriate planes in respect to the photo. The photo was taken at a really tricky two-point perspective, so getting the scene set up for the first time was a challenge. Future projects shouldn’t take as long from now on.

Future Changes

None planned.

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