Killeen to College Station

Posted August 22, 2010

I’m sorry for the lack of blog postings and I certainly hope that nobody tries to bite my head off for it. :V

I have been busy this past month, working as hard and as much as possible before it was time for me to leave Killeen on the 19th of August and move into my apartment in College Station. After three days of spending a fortune and cleaning this place, I believe that I finally have everything more or less pretty situated. The apartment is about 30 years old and it’s quite clear that the couple that lived in here before did not take good care of the place. On the plus side though, I have a new tub and carpeting. Numerous things are still broken, but the maintenance team has been working hard to get all of my requests taken care of in a timely fashion. The only major thing I have left is to have that dreaded kitchen sink replaced. There’s at least three layers of paint chipping from it and it’s disgusting.

School starts in about a week. I’ll be focusing on getting all of my finances straight and everything else situated before then. Here’s some stitched panoramics of the place.

Bedroom, everything I need.

Living/Dining. Eh. Who needs couches.


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