Review: LG Dare

Posted August 22, 2008


So one day, I was looking at my Sprint Sanyo Katana and I said to it: “Mr. Katana, we’ve had some great times together for the past two years. But now, you’re just really ticking me off. I can’t hear you when somebody calls me and your vibration is DEAD. I’m sorry to say this but… I’m gonna have to let you go…” With a sigh of despair, my Katana disapeared into thin air… (or I gave it to my mom) and then I bought a Dare! :)

Remember when the Samsung Instinct first came out and everybody was all like “Oh man! The Instincht! It’s so amazing! It’s like, like, the best phone evar!” Well screw the Instinct. It does look pretty nice and sleek, but it’s big, clunky, and slow. I can’t stand it. The Dare on the other hand is pretty darn cool. It’s pretty small and I can’t believe how well designed it is. It took a little while to get used to the touchscreen but it wasn’t hard at all. I found myself to be texting much faster than I did with my old Katana.┬áThis phone has a 3.2-megapixel camera and the quality is CRAZY. I mean, Korea and Europe may have their fancy ol’ 8-megapixel phones, but this is pretty darn good for a phone in the United States. The video capture quality is really good too. It’s able to record at 120 frames per second. What does that mean tho? If you still don’t understand what I’m saying, then check out the video I recorded with it:

Get it now? It’s able to record in extremely slow-motion, something that most regular cameras can’t even do. And a little FYI, that clip was recorded in less three seconds. It took even longer to clean up the stupid mess. So yeah, overall the phone is great. It has everything I need in a phone and way wayyyy more. It’s no iPhone, but damn it’s pretty close.


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