Goodbye Halloween Weekend

Posted October 29, 2009

Hello, it’s been a little while. This past week has been pretty boring, but still something else. Best Buy has finally demoted me down to a part-time position which completes the final step of my plan to boycott unnecessary things. I’ve had the past four days off and it feels great. I have more time for schoolwork and personal agendas. I haven’t missed a single class this week and I was able to turn in all of my assignments without having to do it all at the last minute. What sucks is that every night that I spent studying, some either called or text asking if I wanted to do something that night. I had to refuse. The irony is that now that it’s Thursday and the weekend has started for me, nobody wants to do anything now. Ahhh karma.. I have to work the entire weekend. Even worse, I have to work Halloween night, until 10PM. DANG. No parties for me I guess, since I have to work early the next day. ef em ell.

This weekend, other than work and studying, I’m going to take my D60 and my 9mm 35mm and go on a shooting spree all around town. It’ll be a blast for sure. >:] Question! What are you all doing for Halloween weekend? TELL ME! GO! :)


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