First Ring Dunk!

Posted September 15, 2012

Yesterday, I finally recieved my Aggie ring! It was very exciting and I had the privilege of dunking with two fellow members of TAMU Epic Movement: Josh and William. For those not in the know, Ring Dunk is an Aggie tradition where you place your ring in a 60 fl. oz. pitcher of (traditionally) beer and chug it as fast as you can. You finish by catching the ring with your teeth as proof that you “earned” your ring. I don’t ever drink alcohol, so needless to say I was pretty nervous about what to expect. I did pretty good, but I felt that I could have done better. I had to stop for about 30 seconds to recover and ended up throwing up about 15-20% of the fluid, but I managed to clock in at 1:48. All without a single mess on my expensive dress shirt! (I’m OCD even while dunking, imagine that.) The experience was awesome, but I am never doing this again. Without a doubt, this marks one of the best nights of my college life. Definitely a proud day to be an Aggie! Whoop!

Ruiz: 3 Heineken (36 fl. oz.) + Diet Green Tea (24 fl. oz.) = 1:48
Josh: 2 Corona (24 fl. oz.) + V8 Splash (36 fl. oz.) = 2:31 (2:01 when finished drinking)
William: V8 Splash (60 fl. oz.) = 0:55 

Here’s a video of our immense suffering for your entertainment pleasure!

Photo credit goes to Derek. Video recording credit goes to Elliott.


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