Finals are OVER!!

Posted December 15, 2009

Christ, it’s taken forever, but goodbye finals and hello Christmas break!! I finished all of my finals with no problems or difficulties at all. All of my classes are finished with A’s and B’s, bringing me closer to the 3.5 GPA mark. HECK YEAH!! Hopefully everybody is just as relieved as I am. All those late nights of staying up and slaving away on a diet of coffee and energy drinks paid off, didn’t it? ;)

The end of the year is always the best time of the year. I can now finally focus on Christmas shopping and leisurely activities such as STREET FIGHTER IV MOTHA TRUCKA! I’m just kidding. I received my arcade stick back quite a while back so I’ve been playing a bit here and there, a lot less than I did before of course. I opened my Facebook back up late last week. It feels good to be back. Twitter is pretty convenient and it did hold me over while I was away, but it just isn’t as powerful because not too many personal friends are on it. It feels good to waste time on Facebook. and not suffer any punishment from it. :]

For the rest of the year, I want to spend as much time with as many friends as possible. I look forward to the endless hangouts and great times. Good things are only going to continue happening and I can’t wait for it!! I hope that everybody feels the same and continues to stay warm. Seriously, it was pretty warm for a bit, but the freezing cold came back from out of nowhere! O.o


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