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Yes, ‘football’ is spelled wrong in the title screen. Apparently I didn’t know how to spell back then!

TAMU vs. t.u. Football ’11 is a miniature Windows-based game. The game was made in C++ and uses the FLTK GUI library. The project was a team project for CSCE 121 during the Spring 2011 semester at Texas A&M University. It took a little over a week complete the game. I handled all of the graphics, audio, and most of the code. Our final score for the project ended up being a 109 out of 110. As primitive and simple this game is, I still value it as a major milestone in my programming career. It was my first major project and was created with less than 5 months of programming experience.



  • Based on FLTK graphical library
  • EA NCAA Football style theme
  • Detailed sprites and graphics
  • Complete with sound and music
  • Not-so-clever computer AI
  • High score system

The Game: Fox & Hounds

Themed as a football game, the game is a simple checkers variant called Fox and Hounds. The game is played on a 8×8 checkers board and only one color of the squares are used. The pieces traverse the same way that regular checkers pieces do. Four ‘hounds’ are placed at the top and a fox is placed at the bottom. The hounds can only traverse downward across the board while the fox can traverse upward or downward. The game is won if the fox reaches the top of the checkerboard. The game is lost if all four hounds reach the bottom or the fox becomes trapped and can no longer move.


The computer opponent was made to be easy and simple to beat. The AI essentially chooses a hound and has it traverse down a singular defined path. No hound will ever traverse down another hound’s path. This was a challenge that we wanted to address, but were unable to due to time constraints.

Another challenge was making the game stand out when compared to other submissions. I’m experienced in this field, so I had that covered right from the beginning.

Students, Please Read!

If you’re a student that arrived here via web search, please do not contact me asking me for my dirty, amateur, freshman-level source code. It has been a long time since this project was completed, therefore I am not the best source of help if you’re in need of assistance. Hell, looking at my own code, I probably couldn’t tell you what I was thinking. Please consult with your professor, TA, and as many classmates as you can. That’s the best advice that I can give you. Good luck!

Other Information

System Requirements

Practically any functional Windows-based x86/64 computer made after 2000.

Package Information

File name:
Size: 4.62 MB


  • Download using the link below.
  • Extract the ‘tamuvstu’ directory from the download.
  • In the ‘tamuvstu’ directory, open ‘tamuvstu.exe’
  • Enjoy


Click here to download TAMU vs. t.u. Football ’11

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