Project Description

PangTank is a miniature game for one player. Our clumsy fish seems to have cracked his little tank and it’s up to you to help delay his inevitable death. The game was made in three weeks for a small team project for CSCE 443 (Game Development) during the Fall 2013 semester at Texas A&M University. It was coded in C#, utilized Microsoft’s XNA framework, and features artwork from three talented artists. The name for our game was conveniently decided thanks to the quirky sound of one of our team member’s last name.



  • Play using the mouse, keyboard, or an Xbox 360 controller
  • Artistic style influenced by crayon and marker drawings
  • Full-motion video
  • Local high score system


The biggest challenge for me was working with artists. For my previous team projects, I’ve worked only with coders. Getting things done was easier because we all knew how everything was going to be done. Artists on the other hand, don’t know for the most part. Their job is completely different, so it’s important to be descriptive and as helpful as possible. If you support them well enough, the assets and media that they produce for your project will pay off. Otherwise, your project may end up looking like something completely different and undesirable.

Other Information

How to play

Catch the drops from the nozzle at the top of the screen into your funnel at the bottom. You can control the funnel using the mouse, left/right keys on the keyboard, or the left joystick on a connected Xbox 360 controller. The more drops you catch, the longer your fish stays alive.

Usage Instructions

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 required.
  • You must have the XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0 installed. Download it here.
  • Download below and extract the contents, run PangTank.exe.
  • Enjoy.

Version History

  • 1.0 – Initial release.


Click here to download PankTank

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