OpenGL Demos


These are just a few demos from assignments in CSCE 441 (Computer Graphics) at Texas A&M University for the Spring 2013 semester. While they seem pretty basic in nature, the many different algorithms and calculations used for renderings are not. CSCE 441 doesn’t really focus on the rendering of graphics as much as it focuses on the math behind it. If you’re planning on taking this class, expect to see more numbers and code than actual graphics. Properly working graphics are just a confirmation that your code works. ;)



The assignments weren’t as challenging as they were time-consuming. After completing the course, you come to have a better appreciation and understanding of the calculations behind computer-based renderings. Renderings and concepts that seem very primitive on screen become drastically more complex when you actually have to code it.

Other information


Homework 4: Hierarchical Models and View Transformation (also includes scan conversion from a previous assignment.)

Homework 5: Hidden Surfaces, Texture Mapping, and Shadings

Homework 6: Keyframe Animation, including character posing using inverse kinematics and keyframe interpolation


Please refer to the README.txt file for more details.


Click here to download OpenGL Demos

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