Horsu Raysu

Project Description

Horsy Raysu is a WebGL-enabled game created for CSCE 431 (Software Engineering) where the game is based around placing bets on horses. Every round, each horse will move between 0 to 3 spaces. Players will have the opportunity to place bets between each round. The earlier the bets are placed, the higher the payoff. The game is network-enabled and allows participants to create multiple game lobbies for simultaneous play. Horsu Raysu played as a component game of an overlying “casino” project where the casino hosted other related games and served as a “bank” for depositing and withdrawing a player’s funds between games.

Unfortunately, there is no available demo for the game at this time. The game relied on a node.js instance running via Amazon Web Services. Perhaps I can get something small up and running locally in on the browser in the future.

Team Members

Devan Huapaya
Elliott Fawcett
Jinsoo Kim
Ruiz Joo
Zachary Partal


Here’s a simple demo of our game. Note that you will not be able to create lobbies or place bets on horses, due to lack of a server.

Here’s an early prototype of of the horses and board. [0] – [7] keys will move the horses randomly between 1 and 3 spaces. [SPACE] will reset all of the horses.

Here’s a fork of the project on GitHub.


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