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Finals are OVER!!

Posted December 15, 2009

Christ, it’s taken forever, but goodbye finals and hello Christmas break!! I finished all of my finals with no problems or difficulties at all. All of my classes are finished with A’s and B’s, bringing me closer to the 3.5 GPA mark. HECK YEAH!! Hopefully everybody is just as relieved as I am. All those late nights of staying up and slaving away on a diet of coffee and energy drinks paid off, didn’t it? ;)

The end of the year is always the best time of the year. I can now finally focus on Christmas shopping and leisurely activities such as STREET FIGHTER IV MOTHA TRUCKA! I’m just kidding. I received my arcade stick back quite a while back so I’ve been playing a bit here and there, a lot less than I did before of course. I opened my Facebook back up late last week. It feels good to be back. Twitter is pretty convenient and it did hold me over while I was away, but it just isn’t as powerful because not too many personal friends are on it. It feels good to waste time on Facebook. and not suffer any punishment from it. :]

For the rest of the year, I want to spend as much time with as many friends as possible. I look forward to the endless hangouts and great times. Good things are only going to continue happening and I can’t wait for it!! I hope that everybody feels the same and continues to stay warm. Seriously, it was pretty warm for a bit, but the freezing cold came back from out of nowhere! O.o

Review: Antec Mini P180 White

Posted December 8, 2009

The only good Black Friday deal I was able to snag was from The Antec Mini P180 White is a computer case that I’ve been interested in ever sense it first debuted in 2008. Antec is known for their excellent quality computer cases, so I was convinced that this was the best white case I could find on the market today. It would without a doubt be a major upgrade from the ugly Antec case that I noobishly spraypainted white while I was still in high school. The only thing that was really holding me back from getting it at the time was the $149.99 price tag. sold this case for $44.99 ($74.99 before rebate) on Black Friday, which was a steal. I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity, I immediately ordered one of these babies.

The case came in a few days later. It looks beautiful inside and out. The exterior consists of flexible-but-sturdy plastic and polished silver metal that will actually shine white depending on the lighting and the angle you look at it. The interior is different than your traditional chassis design, but still good, even innovative you might say. It features a bottom-mounted power supply slot, two slide-out hard drive bays that hold a total of five hard drives, and three ‘5.25 (CD drive) bays, one on top and two on the bottom. This case was clearly designed to be silent while maintaining good air flow. The power supply slot and drive bays are padded with silicone grommets to absorb sound and vibration. While there is a rear 120mm fan, there is also a large 200mm fan mounted to the ceiling. Both fans run very smooth and quiet and there’s switches on the back of the case that allow you to change the speed fans without opening the case. The ceiling fan is a major plus. Heat naturally rises, so dissipating it out from the top makes perfect sense. There are also three air filters attached to the front and bottom of the case that reduces the amount of dust coming into the case. Instead of opening the case and cleaning it out, all you have to do is take out the filters and clean them, granted that they work like they’re supposed to. We’ll just have to wait and see to find out.


What happened that day.

Posted November 6, 2009

November 5, 2009 started out as a good day. I spent the morning studying and went to school around 10:00AM. I took my English exam and attended my Speech class. A friend and I joked about what the teacher wrote on the board and I received my grade sheet for a speech I had done before. The teacher never gives a grade of 100% and has only given a grade of 99% only two or three times in all of his decades of teaching. I was feeling very happy and accomplished. After school, I bought a few groceries and picked up my sister from school. I go home and check my Twitter to see @myketuna talking about a shooting on Fort Hood. Suddenly everything bursts with breaking news. Local news stations take over and cover stories for news websites are changed. I receive text messages from my friends asking if I was still at the school and if I was okay. My mom owns an alteration shop right outside of the East Gate. For 30 minutes, I try to get a hold of her but the call kept “dropping.” She uses a landline phone, so I was confused and getting really worried. Eventually I get a hold of her. She ends up calling me silly and that there’s nothing to worry about.

The shooting took place around 1:30PM. I realized that I was driving home from school right outside of the Clear Creek and Main Gates around that time. A few friends and I try to go to Temple to donate blood for the victims, but we heard that the hospital was packed. My friend Matt (@The_Good_Guy) is staying at my house because his apartment, which is directly below Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan’s apartment is on lock-down. We visited the apartment after the lock-down was lifted to retrieve some things. There were still two police vehicles within the vicinity focused on keeping the photojournalists away from the apartment. One photojournalist was arguing with a police officer while looking like an idiot. He was no more mature than a 5-year old. Maybe it was because I was able to walk around the apartment with my camera and he was complaining about it. I took some pictures of the photojournalists and the apartments while waiting for Matt. Officers were still raiding the shooters apartment at the time. There appeared to be about three or four of them walking in and out of the apartment which appeared to have no leads whatsoever. After Matt was finished, we simply left.

What started out as a day of normal activity and enjoyment turned into a day filled with stress and endless condolences. I’ll continue to pray for everybody. Please, I hope that you all will do the same. Goodnight.

Throwin out Biology

Posted November 2, 2009

(Click the photo for a larger view) What I went through today for my Biology class was not worth it. It involved parking spaces being unavailable and running multiple long distances just to make ends meet. All of this resulted in not being able to take my exam, which I spent a long time studying for. I didn’t have much of a choice from that point on. Either withdraw or continue the class with the highest possible grade of a D. I decided to withdraw. My day has been killed and I feel really bad. Because the institution paid for that class, I will be owing them money soon. At the same time, I feel that some weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I can focus more on my other classes. This semester can still end well. I just need to keep pushing. I have speeches for English and Business Speaking tomorrow. I’m confident I’ll do fine in both of them. Speeches come very naturally to me. This photo simply represents that I don’t care and that I can still move on to better things. Comment and appreciate, thank you.

Goodbye Halloween Weekend

Posted October 29, 2009

Hello, it’s been a little while. This past week has been pretty boring, but still something else. Best Buy has finally demoted me down to a part-time position which completes the final step of my plan to boycott unnecessary things. I’ve had the past four days off and it feels great. I have more time for schoolwork and personal agendas. I haven’t missed a single class this week and I was able to turn in all of my assignments without having to do it all at the last minute. What sucks is that every night that I spent studying, some either called or text asking if I wanted to do something that night. I had to refuse. The irony is that now that it’s Thursday and the weekend has started for me, nobody wants to do anything now. Ahhh karma.. I have to work the entire weekend. Even worse, I have to work Halloween night, until 10PM. DANG. No parties for me I guess, since I have to work early the next day. ef em ell.

This weekend, other than work and studying, I’m going to take my D60 and my 9mm 35mm and go on a shooting spree all around town. It’ll be a blast for sure. >:] Question! What are you all doing for Halloween weekend? TELL ME! GO! :)

I think it’s working.

Posted October 17, 2009

Hello. It’s Saturday morning and I’m coming to you all empty-handed. No new photos, videos, or anything. But I did want to let you all know that I am doing fine. Hell, since my initiative to boycott unnecessary things, I’ve been doing great. It feels good coming home or waking up in the morning just to know that I can’t play games or waste time staying online. A lot more time has been dedicated to studying, and I know the payoff will be more than generously worth it. But here’s a quick rundown of what’s been going on this past week:

  • If you don’t know already, I deactivated my Facebook account and boycotted all of my Xbox 360 games and controllers. Spending 500+ hours on a game and even more time browsing a social networking community just isn’t the thing to do anymore. Talking about it is a waste of time too.
  • I’m becoming a studyholic. There’s good and bad things to this. The good is obvious, but the bad is that I’m always being invited to hang out or go out with friends. I’ve declined them all, with the exception of one.
  • I’ve been showing a greater appreciation for music. I’m doing as much as possible to explore and expand my music interests. While Kpop will always be my number one (don’t judge me), finding new Hip-Hop, Trance, Electronica, Lounge, and Rock tunes is always a treat.I have a friend who’s into A Day to Remember. I tried to get into it, but all I learned from it is that screaming-type music is something I can’t study to. It usually results in me making a sarcastic remark such as “Could you please stop yelling? I can’t understand you..” I think I need to try harder hahaha.
  • I’m working out again now. I’m done with being lazy. Just because I don’t have a P.E. class or an inspiring coach this semester doesn’t mean I should put off what I’ve been doing for a while. I swear, I’m convinced that I will have a body like Rain (No homo on this picture, I didn’t put those chocolate bars there) by the end of the year. That V-shaped torso is SICK and getting something like that is going to be a chore, but I’m sure gonna try. It’s alright, I all need is something to hype me up (like A Day to Remember, lol) and I’m ready to DO IT!!

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